Nothing short of astonishing!
"I would just like to thank you Nigel for another brilliant training performance with Imperial Commander.  He is a wonderful horse, but in general I must say that your achievements with low priced horses is nothing short of astonishing. You regularly have Cheltenham winners with horses that cost between 20k and 40k and without doubt this makes you one of the greatest trainers of all time.  You achievements are very much underestimated by many people and as one of racing's most colourful personalities you are great fun to have a horse with.   Thank You!"

Hugh Doubtfire 25% owner of Imperial Commander.

Nothing less than winners
"The most genuine trainer you will deal with bar none. NTD wears his heart on his sleeve and always wants to give his owners nothing less than winners. If the trainers table was based on money spent on horse purchases to performance he would be Champion trainer every year by miles."

Hugh. The Hollow Bottom.

Dedicated and professional team
Grange Hill Farm is a special place. In an atmosphere which is always welcoming and friendly, there is a dedicated and professional team at work, committed to ensuring that the horses achieve their full potential

Katherine Holland